By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      When Fergie was coming up she would hit up Taco Bell restaurants all the time. It was the only place that was open when the clubs closed. She gave a shout out to the fast food joint on her single “Glamorous” and reaffirmed her love for the spot at a recent show at the Whitehouse Nightclub in the Hamptons.

      Word got back to the suits at Taco Bell and they’re offering her and her fans a sweet deal. In a letter obtained by to the “Dutchess”, Taco Bell president Greg Creed offered free grub for her and her fans.

      “We would like to turn one of our Taco Bell restaurants over to you,” Creed wrote. “Well, not entirely, but long enough for you and your fans to be fed free Fourthmeals following one of your concerts. Pick any of your remaining tour destinations and if there’s a Taco Bell restaurant in the ‘hood, we’re good to go – it’ll be the ultimate after-party. Just let us know you’re preferred restaurant following an upcoming concert and you and your closest friends will be served free Extreme Cheese and Beef Quesadillas for the next three hours. Please have your people call our people and we’ll work out the details.”