By: Hot Gossip Gal

     Is going to be his son Marquis, who has the moniker 25 Cent and who is going to be dropping a record in October. Now I had heard this story a while a go but I was hoping it wasn’t true, but having heard it four times now I have to report on it as there may just be some truth in it. There may be an album coming around Christmas time is what I have heard and a single is supposed to drop in the fall.

Jimmy Lovine Gotta be Pissed

      Akons OTT stage performance in Trinidad has cost the sponsorship of Verizon for his up and coming tour opening for Gewn Stefani. His simulated sex scene with a minor has caused Jimmy Iovines top girl to lose her sponsorship too. Akon is going to need to eat some serious humble pie right now as messing with Jimmy’s money is a serious No-No-No.

  • DaDoooD

    yo 50 is fuckin pathetic anymore. he will sign anybody includin his son just to make a dollar.

  • LordSha

    His sons album probably be better then Tony’s and sell better then Banks lol.