|  September 15, 2008

Kanye and Curtis






50 gave fans at his recent show in Albany a lil rendition of Kanye West’s new track Love Lockdown after telling the fans he will be dropping a new album on December 9th. After making the announcement, Curtis then began his performance of Kanye’s new joint which shut the crowd up instantly. Of course 50 was only explaining to his audience that when you stop ‘Fu**ing with me, this is the sort of music you can expect,’ which can be considered a diss aimed at Ye.

Anyhow a source indicated to me that the end of November might be the date 50 is looking to drop his final Intersope album Before I Self Destruct, and there is no chance he will go head to head with Kanye again like he did just over a year ago when both artists dropped their third albums.

In other 50 news, his G Unit clothing brand has once again joined forces with Mark Ecko and a new line will be available later this year after the two reportedly went their separate ways in February of this year.  To check out footage from the G Unit concert watch here.