I came across this today and felt I needed to share it.  This video for Solilaquists of Sound “Gotham City Chase Scene” is ill.  It’s a take on the TV show “Heroes,” and I think it’s pretty well done, especially for an indie group.  It is also a breathe of fresh air considering most hip-hop videos nowadays are TERRIBLE green-screen video i.e. Birdman/Lil Wayne, or played out Strip Club, Regular Club, bottles popped videos i.e. most other rappers.

If you’re not familiar Solilaquists of Sound are an Orlando based hip-hop group that pushes the boundaries of modern hip-hop.  I’ve seen them live and it was without question one of the illest show’s I’ve seen period, let alone probably the best hip-hop show I’ve ever seen.  Swamburger, the guy with the dreads is an ill breakdancer for a big dude, and DiViNCi, the producer, rocks 3 mpc’s at once on stage.

Cop their newest album “No More Heroes” and support good hip-hop.