Foxy Brown, remember her? Well remember that time when she assaulted that woman, no not the people in the beauty salon and not the chicks down in Florida but the one in the middle of Fulton in BK during day light hours on the cross walk, where she went ‘Naomi Campbell’ on the chick and assaulted her with a blackberry . Well Foxy caught a break and the charges were dropped when she appeared in court this past Monday as even though the case was filed last year Foxy was never served with papers and this time she was allowed to walk out of court a free woman. Way to go Foxy.

  • Carlito Bragonti33


  • Vetersi

    theres a story which has been long awaited. rappers getting aquited. was she guilty we can never say. Most of the time people like her take abuse when they travel. Fans and media really let her have it I guess, so I’m sure that It she had assaulted anyone then it was a defensive design.

  • beastkly

    is it me or does foxy look like rik ross hhahahahahahaha look in her eyes hahahahahaha