frank ocean – 1 Def Jam – 0

 |  May 19, 2011

Classic.  frank ocean couldn’t get Def Jam to put out his album so he gave it away for free.  People then proceeded to eat it up, and he made the label look stupid.  This is the music business in 2011Pharrell hit the nail on the head when he was complaining about how the analytical business people are running the show instead of the art people at the labels.  Those people tend to want to invest on what is already winning as opposed to what is about to win.  Tweet jacked from RR & album details from RU.

Def Jam has pegged a July 26 release for the project [nostalgia, ULTRA].


  • Noemail

    Def Jam didn't lose. Frank Ocean won't SELL. With all the press Odd Future Goblin sold what 45k? Frank Ocean will do even less than that regardless if he has 10 more Novacane tracks (aka some radio play).
    Frank Ocean – 0 Def Jam – 0

  • Brant Gerald

    welllll  . . .here is always creative control lol, plus i read not too long ago that they split with dame dash over bad business which means those guys are the real deal.

  • tess

    this shits garbage, dumbest sounding crap ive heard inna while. why is it every song these guys make sounds like some slow tempo booty pop club music but they claim to be fringe and anarchist artists????