|  February 6, 2009


Stumbled across this last night and thought it might be a source of amusement to some of you. Gotta give Chelsea Lately her props as she does have a way with words. Still not too sure about Akon on her show though, he seems to be a lil bit uncomfortable especially when she questions just how long he was actually in jail. I mean when she talked to Tip about needing a machine gun he sucked that up and had a good joke about it but it took Chelsea to allow him to smack that ass before he seemed to loosen up.

  • Uturn

    Whoa! It takes a lot of guts to ask such questions straight face to the person especially if the question is a sensitive one! This one, she just smacked it.

  • rockNroll1991

    I’ve heard it somwehere that AKON doesn’t even know his real true age.That for sure will give him more uncomfort.