|  February 5, 2009


Shaniqua Tompkins, the estranged former girl friend of Curtis Jackson must be a lil upset right now. Just as he is out splashing his cash on Rick Ross’s baby momma, Shaniqua’s 50 mill lawsuit has been thrown out of court. You will remember that she was suing Curtis for an alleged half of his fortune which he had promised her at some point or another.
That had to hurt seeing 50 spending money on Tia Kemp, Officer Ross’s ex earlier this week and then go and give her a book deal.
I guess that is the difference between asking for too much and not asking at all.

  • t plex

    stupid bitch should of just sat back and shut tha fuck up and it would have been all good.but noooo she wants to be greedy see want you get now.

  • puppetmaster

    lmao. she stinks to high heaven. that gold digger when she had his son before curtis got rich. that grimey selfish rat

  • funkyweb

    she ain’t gonna get 50’s fortune. deserve nothing she should throw herself

  • Oigen

    She should have took it like a man, not like the pussy she is. Ha ha ha, good thing what happened.

  • hipandhopGal

    yeah! greedy and materialistic egoistic character of hers is such a pain in the ass.