G-Side is a duo from Alabama that has been gaining some notoriety as of late.  This song is tough however it has more to do with them sampling Lil Wayne’s “Single” and having Johnny Spanish do a rendition of the hook.  Via the pr blast:

Huntsville, Alabama’s G-Side are ushering in a new era of Southern rap. Two of the hardest-grinding MCs in the business, ST 2 Lettaz and Yung Clova witnessed immense struggle firsthand and have worked ceaselessly to carve out a bright future for both themselves and their city, a hip-hop mini-Memphis in the making. Buttressed by the bass-heavy, space-age sounds of local production gurus Block Beattaz, G-Side are an inescapable force, a perfect mix of positivity and swagger preaching.

G-Side ft Johnny Spanish “Hot Sex And Cold Wine”