By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      If the whole G-Unit clan couldn’t sink any lower, Steve-O, star of the MTV series and movies, Jackass, has announced that G-Unit is heavily involved in producing his upcoming rap album. Although he didn’t name what members of G-Unit are involved in the project, he’s pretty serious about it.

      I’ve made my priority in life, at least for the last 2-3 weeks, the recording a great Steve-O rap album,” he wrote on his blog. “Making this album has been a magical experience– an adventure through wonderful, horrible, and everything in between. To anyone that chooses to be critical of my decision to make this rap album, I’ve got bad news for you, it’s a great album. I’ve been recording it with the producers of the one and only G-Unit and it is, indisputably, incredible, and made by the most talented people in rap music.”

      Steve-O said that he’s been working on the album at a secret location in upstate New York where “G-Unit staff have been delegated to look after me (i.e. sequester me, babysit me, and keep me working at this blistering pace that’s not slowed down since this process began).”

      There’s no word on when the project will come out.

  • SpS Muzik Groop

    itz official!!curtis and his G-unot crew are here because of corporate powers to fuck up hiphop as we know it! enjoy while u can peeple….

  • astrogreen


  • Carlito Bragonti33

    I didnt read a word of that shit above. Im just gonna add my two cents. Fuck G-Unot and Fuck Steve O. Please take these dumb fucks off the tv. ALL OF THEM

  • BDAV

    fuck g-unot and steve-o….

  • Mr_Gain_Green

    g-unit is here to stay lames, bitchs like yall are the ones keeping them rich, they luv the hate. if yall hate them so much then why write the hating ass shit that yall hoes rite, who does dat. broke niggas i tell u bout them… ggggg g-unit forever

  • Mr_Gain_Green

    what grown ass man aint got shit else to do but hate on atrists, got damn grow da fuc up lames! fuck u gunit hating hoes, like 50 says dig yo hand n yo pocket, wonder y u broke cus u not listening to 50… chicago G-unit street team

  • Carlito Bragonti33

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  • yaboymoney

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  • mississippian

    C how many of us R starving artist in the game and they wasting time and money to do some shit like this?
    I feel it comin,
    A G-Unit boycott.
    Sorry Banks, Sorry Buck, and Olivia was hotter than Hot Rod so he don’t care no way.

  • mississippian

    Green you ought to cut that out.
    Boy Stop!