Game and 50 Have Talked?

 |  April 10, 2007

By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Well that is what I heard from one of my West Coasties. Since this situation has developed between Czar and G the ‘big boys’ are now in talks to squash all the beef in order to avoid anymore unnecessary attention. Now how true this may be who knows but I know for a fact that Game wasn’t up at the mansion in CT for 50’s Easter Party this past weekend. And to be honest I am not holding my breath..  But keeping it on a 50 tip for those that stupidly speculated that the  rapper was thinking of adopting a baby from Angola after a recent trip, Curtis just laughed it off saying "Black folks, we have kids."  Aww and there i was thinking Marquis was going to have a lil baby brother or sister and his Daddy would compare notes with Angelina and Madonna.