By: Hot Gossip Gal
       Yeah it went down this weekend after Young Buck got up on stage, at a party held by TI and Jeezy at The Ice House Lounge, and free styled over one of Games own joints. Game tried to get to Buck but supposedly security stepped in and put an end to that. But now Game is claiming Buck as his next victim. Was there a first victim?

  • aboutdadoe321

    Buck the world…

  • DaDoooD

    yea my man buck aint givin a fuck! buck is a g for real and game dont wanna see him cuz he will get a knife in the chest like that bitch on tv.

  • JAck FRost

    dadood you on 2 points buck is g n game dont wanna see him on the third knife shit is playeD ouT

  • prorican


  • Hoodlum King

    fuck young buck yayo banks 50 dem niggas pussy ass bitches da only man in g-unit is Oliver. BLACK WALLL 4 LYFE

  • Will the Thrill

    After I say Mr. Taylor (The Game) on change of heart, thats exactly what it did. Showed me his pussism. Fucking cute nigga.

  • dffsfafsdf

    man all yall borke on here talkin bout dey lifestyles while dey rick prolly fucking one of yall aunties right now