According to the New York Post, The Game was arrested in New York over the weekend for impersonating a police officer. Apparently the rapper told a cab driver to run red lights because he was an undercover cop in a hurry. They drove 13 blocks before a real officer pulled them over for reckless driving. But Game’s lawyer Jeffrey Lichtman said the charges are ridiculous and is a new low for the NYPD.
          "This harassment of The Game and other hip-hop artists by the NYPD has got to stop – and a painful loss at trial may be just the solution," Lichtman told the New York Post.
          Lichtman also said that the cab driver was passing the buck so he could get out of a ticket. Apparently, NYPD had been following The Game the entire time he’s been in New York.

  • JUNI

    lol wow thats wht it is

  • Smokeymacpott

    HA HA, Nigga stay out of NY. You a west coast nigga. I bet he did tell the cabbie that shit. fuck the NYPD and LAPD fuck all pigs.