This whole post is pretty much merked from Viacom’s music tool.  I like Game as an artist, but there is no way this record is going to be that revolutionary.  The quality of Game‘s music has deteriorated with each album he’s released.  I just don’t see this album being the best.  [Edit: MTV sucks, and can’t even get their em-beds to work properly so you’re going to have to settle with the quotes]

Game on lyricism.

If you going by current status of the artist’s music, then, I mean, I gotta exceed,” Game said. “This album is the most lyrical of them all, this album is the most lyrical album, period, point blank. I can say that about The R.E.D. Album.

Game on the sound of the record.

The R.E.D. Album is a little soulful,” he said, sitting in an L.A. studio recently. “But I think that The R.E.D. Album takes you. … It’s crazy because it could be pre-Documentary, and it could be post-R.E.D. Album, like it’s early and late. It’s early and late, so it’s just on time. If you could understand that. It’s like I’m raw. Like [on] some of the songs my flow is as raw as before I got with Dre.

Then the songs are so big and melodic and so music-filled that you could tell that I’ve been around for a while,” he said. “So, you know, that’s the vibe and it’s soulful, but it’s still right where you need it to be. It’s not too sample-heavy and not just that soulful where it takes away from what I do, and it isn’t gonna bore you or tire you out. This album is going to be incredible, man, and I would say it’s going to be my best album.



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