• Donde420

    this nigga is soft as baby shit how do niggaz still find this guy relevant. this aint the same nigga that got a butterfly tat on his face and once he got clowned he put different tats over it. this nigga is a fuckin clown sit yo ass down change of heart ass nigga

  • http://twitter.com/HedFurst Erick L. Jackson

    Yes he is trying to stay Relevant but what you are failing to see is this Otis song dropped via the internet maybe 2 days ago… and he already put out a response to it… It takes some fools days to write a rhyme… Minus all the crap he put together a cool song… I wouldnt buy it but I will listen to it for free…

  • King_nyeem

    Yea I agree, I still like Game's flow and music but I don't like all the diss'n to stay relevant! Just make good music.

  • Carlesto_norwood

    Im with Game on this shit- Fuck white bitches sayin nigga….That shit is wack……Him dissin Jay aint dope at all-Game do your thing mayne- Stop fuckin hatin Sam