Game Goes After Vida Again

 |  April 6, 2007

By: Hot Gossip Gal
      Why oh why does he just have to keep going back for more? He probably has another four hundred bar opus in store for us about Vida Guerra. There is another joint in circulation called They Love It coming back at the video gal after her attack on him during an interview at K Day in LA.
     I did however notice that his joint Body Bags has been pulled off his myspace page again…Perhaps the powers that be at I/G/AM are mad at their roster beefing again.


  • Tony GT

    stop beefin and make some really good songs together….lol yea right that’s like telling all the countries in the world to stop all war and fighting and work together to keep peace…sounds like some new world order nonsense lol….oh well, as long as people have different opinions they will have disagreements, and disagreements lead to war

  • Tony GT

    anyways if this fight continues im on vida’s side, for no particular reason…lol. goooo vida