|  October 19, 2008

game bet

Last year it was TI missing from the BET Hip-Hop Awards, this year it was Game who had to miss the spectacle hosted by T Pain. The Compton rapper was staying close to home after his sister had been involved in a drive by shooting last week. B Fly who was on her way to record at her brother Fase’s house was grazed by a bullet and was said to be fine.
The highlight of the show which took place in Atlanta for the third time was the Women in Hip-Hop Medley which saw acts such as Salt n Peppa, MC Lyte, Lady of Rage dominate a stage that is normally controlled by men.
The fact that the controversial TV channel even recognized the female contribution to Hip-Hop was a breakthrough according to various media outlets and activists who have slammed the channel for its portrayal of women.
The show which will air on television on October 23rd at 8 pm includes performances by Rick Ross, Common, Pharrell Williams and Ice Cube. The West Coast icon encouraged attendees and viewers to make sure they go out and vote with the Election being a focal point of this years show.