Game Takes Pop at Yayo and 50

 |  April 3, 2007

By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Yup and the beef is on the broil again kiddies. Game has put out a diss joint aimed at Old Man Yayo and Fiffy after the alleged attack on his managers son. Here are a couple of lines from the track  What kind of bitch n***a put his hands on kids -Homo?/ Pull up that black van on his / We don’t do the kid slap / we do the kid snatching / Eye witness news "Its been a kid napping."/ Feed ’em real good /
Play with Harlem (The Game’s son)/ Just wait, "Its ya Daddy callin’ / Nah, we don’t get down like that, but 50’s mama, we’ll put you in the ground like that."

     Click here to take a quick peek at someone getting a little irate at the peace rally (????) yesterday in Manhattan protesting violence within the Hip-Hop community brought about by he beat down on Jimmy Henchmans son..

  • Will the Thrill

    If the boy is 14 he is not a kid. There are 14 year old males being charged with 20 to 30 years everyday and they arent kids then. Come again.

  • Will the Thrill

    Truth is nobody knows what happend and before pointing a finger and judging know the facts!

  • dreadklove

    Round my way…home of the wire….14 yo pop caps in yo azz

  • LordSha

    If some old dilapidated dumb ass hole like eggroll or yaho touches or curses at my 14-year old brother they get clapped fuck that bull shit about 14 not a kid. Yeah lil dudes are getting the book thrown at them funny how most are Black or Latin while the others are giving slaps on wrist but its sad how some of us don’t think of the big picture. Anyway Game is a crossover however ass appreciates him kissing it he’ll flip for them.

  • dreadklove

    TEA reality…big picture…if MEN act like wat use to be GROWN u would not have these issues at all…ie disrepecting women, children, or each other….it’s all twisted.

  • mischa9000

    Game is a faggggggggggggggggggg! He needs to just bend over and suck!!!! Anyway it’s alledged that Yayo slapped Jimmy “The Snitchman” Rosemond’s kid! The fucker needs money because his ass is being sued for $280mil.