This is just another reason to not trust the police!!! On October 3, 2009, 17 year old Victor Steen was murdered by a police officer and it was all caught on dash cam.

Officer Jerald Ard was chasing Steen, who was riding a bike. After Steen refused to stop, Officer Ard fired his taser from his moving car which hit Steen and knocked him from the bike.

Officer Ard then ran over Steen, killing him.

As the cameras rolled from another squad car that pulled up as backup, Ard is seen getting something light colored from the back seat of his squad car.

He then leans under his car where Steen is pinned and stays there about for 40 seconds.

When paramedics arrive five minutes later, they find a 9mm silver and black semi-automatic is Steen’s pocket.

Even though witnesses came forward to say that Ard had abused his power and ran over Steen intentionally, he has been allowed to go back to work for the Pensacola Police Department. Cops Planting GUN:

Raw Video From Officer Jerald Ard’s Dash Cam With Him Running Over 17 Year Old Victor Steen W/His Squad Car

Eyewitness Account Of Witness Who Saw Victor Steen Murdered By Officer Ard

  • ManOfThePeople

    This video does not in anyway show a gun being planted on the deceased. It is wreckless to say it was planted just because something “shiney” was seen. I would also like to point out what the man in the second video said about needing cops to be pillars in the community. Not all cops are dirty and the majority of them are men and women trying to feed their families just like the next man, This is a malicious attempt to create another on-going beef with cops and community. The video shows the officer making a turn and running over young Victor, We cant assume this was intentional just because it happened. From a neutral perspective I can easily see how he turned going to fast and was unable to stop on time, He clearly messed up but, to say this was intentional is absurd. Do we know why Victor would not stop? No. Do know if he did in fact have a gun or not? No. We are third party viewers seeing a first person video. We do not know the intent of either man(cop or Victor). As for the comment made about no medical service being given to Victor, Cops are not allowed to attempt medical assistance in a possible neck/spinal injury situation. Cops are CPR certified only. The last statement I would like to make is the young man being interviewed in the second video is lying about a few things. His body language in no way agrees with his statement. This video needs to be removed and the case evaluate by the proper authorities before we have another Shirley Sherrod incident. Hasnt anything been learned lately or all we all just in our own world making our own assumptions about everything?