The recently sprung Gucci Mane just did an interview with Karmaloop about his face tattoo, getting out of jail, and uh… hipster girls. Well, I say ‘interview’, but the poor Karmaloop dude ended up doing a lot of the talking. When asked about what he did when he got out, Gucci replied:

“I got out like a day ago…First thing I did just got my feet planted back on the ground, you know what I’m sayin’, went back to the studio and banged out about five records… I got some great writing done, and I got some new hits that people need to wait on”.

The interviewer then asked about Gucci’s face tattoo, specifically what happened that day, and if he had thought about it for a long time:

“Just a common day…common day of my life. No different than a normal day. I ain’t put too much planning into it at all”.

Karmaloop dude tries to be funny, and ask Guc about prison food, and all he gets is a deadpan of “my favorite recipe was trying to get out”. When asked which famous chick he would like to “smash” the most, it’s no Megan Fox/Beyonce for Gucci Guc; all he can say is: “Um, who knows… any one that’s not married. No married women”.

Watch the interview, if only to see the huge blinged up ice cream cone chain that GuCc is wearing. Sure, he just got out of jail; but his life is definitely a movie.



  • Watch the throne aug 2

    mah nigga gucci is on one 4real lol