|  July 15, 2008

I think it is hilarious how people have reacted to this, including the Boss Man himself. So what if he really was a corrections officer? At least he was getting a check. But yeah Rick is saying that photoshop can be a byach for even the biggest of stars. He denies ever being part of the correctional fraternity and is just another victim who has fallen prey to Adobe Photoshop.
the boss

  • HyRolla

    ROSSSS, fuck it so the fuck what? I’d work for corrections too, I got too many felonies, but I know plenty of niggas that got ON! thru sendin kitez to the rite people, flip dat state check, my nigga I would have too, he said he know the real Noreaga, Noreaga is in prison, it all makes since, he got plugz and connects thru his old job, HATAZ evywhea BOSS, this pic should have never seen the lite of day