Gunplay Wants To Know…Mask On Or Off?

 |  July 5, 2011

Gunplay is on the low becoming one of those rappers you have to pay attention to.  Not because he is good, but more because he is crazy.  Not really sure what is going on in this video.  I guess Gunplay is just throwing his ugly mug out the window and it scares people?  Regardless I couldn’t stop watching.



  • Champhf

    This might sound ignorant to some people and me labeled as not being black enough but as a black male i am offended how off  course hip hop has gone. our brothers and sisters idolize a cop who happen to be the biggest drug dealer (ever)…smh., a proclaimed killer  who i known as gunplay and because they have a flow we condone it. he openly sniffed cocaine (on camera) and we condone them….? we really are off course and the ones who can see clear and love Hip Hop know we are Headed FOr Self Distruction… !!! i love Rap but i feel sorry for my nephews and children who listen to this music that was once uplifting to young black America….. im just saying….. there is nothing cool about having a Parol .Officer. <— curfew. there is nothing cool about being unable to get a job because you keep breaking the law<—- excuse for not trying.