|  February 3, 2009


I have tried to give in to my urges to post all the BS stuff I hear and read about Sean Combs as of late as I hate buying into his self promotion with his blogs and his now playing the best friend of Lil Kim. But yet again he opens his mouth and his brains have appeared to have frozen allowing him to spew forth a whole load of garbage like this recent outburst in which he disses the DJs.
Apparently according to Diddy DJ’s are no longer the ones who break records...“People have figured out the formula when they make records for radio, and DJs ain’t DJs no more. DJs don’t break records no more. DJs don’t play album cuts. DJs play what is going to move the crowd. DJs, they don’t expose you to the newness. That was the DJs’ thing. Hip-hop is in a recession also.”
So basically from that statement which the mogul who also chalked up another lawsuit yesterday is literally saying that no-one breaks records anymore and Hip-Hop is in a recession- isn’t the country in recession anyway. Ok so Mr Combs get your thoughts into gear and please let us know in your world just who is breaking records? He needs to think long and hard about that, but he might be too caught up in the disbanding of his girl group Danity Kane to be getting his real thought on. I mean when another of your acts fails it is tough to make sense of anything I suppose.
And in regards to the law suit, some artist from Mass is suing him for allegedly copying his design for his Unforgivable perfume bottle and this dude wants the product to be put on hold until they resolve this issue with the bottle.

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    I gotta say something…. Um Ms. HHJ… Your are wrong and Puff P. Diddy whateva is completely right…. Ask perspective…. Thats where I got all my new music from (BLOGS)… Dj’s don’t break new songs… Blogs do…. And have you listen to the radio lately same song rotation… Top ten at 10:00, then top 6 at 6:00…. Same songs then a old school track hear and there….
    The only time Dj’s break songs… Are on those fridays and saturdays night when they play some real hip hop sh*t…. after 11 o’clock…. anyways let me stop I’m writing to much… but yeah your wrong….
    The Radio sucks…. Shouts out to perspective….

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