|  February 25, 2009


Baby was celebrating his 45th birthday (props for not lying about his age) this weekend in Atlanta along with a few other celebs including Rent-a-Thug Usher. Bets on what Weezy gave him for his birthday? Not that Weezy will be in that much of a giving mood after his gun charges failed to be thrown out of court yesterday in Manhattan. Trial was set for April 20th and if convicted Weezy could face up to fifteen years in prison, but we know that won’t happen.
The charges stem from NYPD finding him with a 9 mm on his tour bus after performing in Manhattan in the Summer of 2007. The female officer who allegedly found the four time Grammy winner in possession of the gun was reported to be at the scene of another crime when the incident occurred. Hey we all know how the NYPD roll, so no surprises here. The Judge also allowed the prosecution to use the weapon as evidence in the case against Lil Wayne.