It was rumored this weekend that Def Jam have only shipped 600,000 copies of Luda’s sixth album which hits stores today. It was also insinuated that they have gone ahead and shipped 1.2 million copies of Kanye’s 808s and Heartbreak which also hits shelves today showing ‘favoritism between the rappers.’ A source at Def Jam neither confirmed nor denied this rumor when I gave them a quick call to discuss ‘favoritism’ on the label, but it was noted in that same call that they ship units on the strength of past sales. Do we, as in fans and just general public expect to see Luda to sell more then 600,000 in the first week with no where near as much marketing behind his delayed project as there has been for Kanye? Most probably not. Do we expect to see Kanye selling in excess of the 957,000 he sold with his last album? Hmmm maybe, as even though his die hard rap following might be a little confused as to where he is coming from with this album, he has tapped into a whole different audience with this project.Is this favoritism or just good business? I have to go with good business.