|  November 10, 2008













Word on the street is that Beyonce might have let her alter ego Sasha Fierce out to play last week in the UK. Allegedly Sasha threw a lil tantrum about riding in an aircraft that had only transported the likes of Frank Sinatra about and J Lo when offered the free use of a plane (not just a plane ride) from the UK to the South of France for the World Music Awards in Monaco which took place this weekend. Eventually another airplane was brought in which was approved by Sasha.
UK to the South of France is at most a two hour flight so why so much drama, who knows…but remember Sasha has to live up to that name now. Anyhow the pic above is Beyonce performing at the show where awards were picked up by Akon, Alicia, Rihanna, Beyonce and Estelle to name but a few. Is it me or is there something not quite right with the chick on the right?

  • The X Man

    Safety first!!…….Remember Aaliyah….RIP