Hip-Hop vs. Cigarettes

 |  April 3, 2007

By: Rizoh

      Ethiopian-born MC and former guest on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam, Mike-E is working hard to educate young people on the hazards of tobacco.
      The American Cancer Society sponsored an AfroFlow Tour featuring Mike-E, vocalist Kenny Watson, the band Hot Sauce, and DJ Invisible, on Friday at the Carolina Theater as part of its Historically Black Colleges and Universities initiative.
      We really wanted to build strong and deep relationships with the African-American community,” said Rita Miller, the young adult emerging strategies director for the society. "One of the ways we wanted to do this was through the college students. When they go home, people really listen to what they say," she said.
      Some say that they are already quite aware of the dangers of tobacco use. Basketball player and N.C. Central University senior Terry Johnson said that as an athlete, he can’t afford to smoke. "It’s not healthy for you," he said. "And it’s not a good look."
      Mike-E added that hip-hop is about being clever in getting message across to the youth.

      As Mike-E puts it, “Tobacco affects all aspects of society,” he said. “It’s not a black/white issue. It’s a health issue.” No arguments there.