|  October 10, 2008













Will things ever go right for Dave Mays and Benzino we wonder. The infamous duo who were ousted from The Source a couple of years ago then launched their new publication Hip-Hop Weekly, which like anything Benzino is involved in became popular in a negative way. Now two years since the mag first launched the company and its owners have been put on blast by various photographers and pic agencies due to failing to pay their bills and fees.
To be honest with their track record I would be looking for money up front or at least 50% at least to even consider working with them. But anyway five companies are now suing the duo for a whole lot of cash $15,000 in one case and you can guarantee plenty more will jump on the case as time moves on.
Will HHW still be on the shelves in 2009 we wonder? A source explained ‘that things are always hit and miss with HHW, but now with this I am not sure how long it will survive.’ The magazine which boasts shock jock Wendy Williams as a contributor has had its fair share of controversial stories in its two year existence, including the highly publicized story on an alleged love child of Jay Z. Is this the end of the line for Mays and his right hand man?

  • Carlito Bragonti33