Homeboy’s Home Run in Texas!

 |  March 21, 2010

This MC is helping us restore faith that Hip Hop is very much alive in NY and East Coast is cultivating a plethora of talent. Enter Homeboy Sandman

We’ve been hearing his name circulating in the underground for a few years now with the mixtapes, countless shows in many different Cities and now starting to bubble across the seas to France, Australia and Japan where the fans are starting to come out and recognize. The fact that Homeboy is a huge presence not just off stage but on stage as he’s known as the ‘Tall dude’ but relentless and fierce with amazing charisma and lyrical acrobatics. Clearly he can take out anyone – Destroy is the word!

I met Sandman in Austin last year at the Hip Hop Howl Showcase. It was his first time to SXSW– He had one official show and other performances unplanned. He carried a mix CD which he passed out- I copped one. One year later he’s got 5 official shows and 8+ total performances. No promo, no music to hand out- just ROCKIN! That’s madness- the growth in just 1 year is astounding!

Speaking to him over the phone in Austin I got the 411 on his experiences this time around. He sounded a little hoarse but all in all -energized, excited and pumped. Asked about his personal highlights…“The Noisemakers, Decon, Bun B, Peter Rosenberg show that I rocked on. Whole Foods: It’s 2 miles big. We got the coconuts and made shakes daily. Love the 1/2 hour walks to and from the spot we staying in. Really been taking in the Austin townspeople- the hood– Everyone smiles a lot. It’s been great having casual conversations about SXSW— some folks loving it and some locals hate it- hate the noise, the drunks and crowds. I hardly walk down the street without people recognizing me. Lots of love here it’s really fantastic”

Homeboy Sandman’s been rolling with P.SO, Pete and Mazzi from S.O.U.L Purpose, Eric and Sosa.


He’s also enjoyed being able to see his friends perform like Diamond District who he rocks with but never can chill and watch so that’s been great. Watching the outlandish activities in the streets has been wild. People on stilts, neon costumes, body paint- anything to get attention. Physical CD’s handed out everywhere- that’s nice to see…

When asking him what he hoped to achieve by being down at SXSW this year. Answered: “Rockin as many shows as possible and creating mad anticipation for my new CD ‘The Good Sun’– June 1st out on High Water Music distributed by Fat Beats

Another highlight- meeting Narcicyst from Montreal/Dubai- Dope MC- we really vibed/built and I asked him to rock with me on my Hip Hop Howl showcase. I plan on staying in touch continuing to build with him.

Last thoughts: “I’ve been a bit sad too with the paraphrased Hip Hop. It’s always 3 things- it’s tiring.

Ghetto, Girls get w/me and I’m the toughest dude. Come on!!”