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 |  February 18, 2011

Curren$y’s art game is official.  Done by Dave Barnett.  Track list below for his Muscle Car Chronicles project that is dropping on March 15th.  Plus he has a project dropping on April 20th?  Oversaturation is you ask me, but what do I know.  Plus they are dropping some shady Dame Dash hippy movie to go with it.

Art for Pilot Talk 1 & Pilot Talk 2

01. Soundbombin’
02. N.O. Shit
03. Frosty
04. Razors & Chopsticks
05. Not So Much
06. Fly Out (Part Deux)
07. Bout It 2011
08. The Strangest Life
09. Fly Out (Part Tres) (feat. Mikey Rocks & Tabi Bonney)