How Bum Rappers Make Gwap

 |  January 24, 2011


Call it a case of going the extra mile.  Toby “Hynief” Raynor did more than just carry weed for Juelz Santana – he sold it.  The Skullgang member was arrested during a raid of Santana’s New Jersey studio on Thursday as a result of Hynief selling undercover cops narcotics on several occasions throughout the year.  In addition to seventeen bags of marijuana, police found two fully loaded 9 millimeter pistols and “several boxes of ammunition” in the studio.  It appears Juelz scooped his little homie out of the pen, because Hynief’s $50,000 bail was paid in full and authorities confirmed his release.  Although Juelz has not been tied to the arrest, the incident apparently caused him to miss a booking in Chicago that same night.


  • Jaehood

    i went to school with this nigga