|  April 13, 2009


Lil Kim has confirmed that the announcement of her running for Mayor of Hoboken ( a NJ township) was a April Fools prank which went too far. On the subject of being viewed as a serious political candidate in the running for Mayor Kim came out with the best thing she has said for a few years “It’s not true. I’m not politically experienced at all.” I am sure the folks of Hoboken are pleased to know the Queen Bee has no intention of throwing down her dancing shoes for politics.
How about Foxy for President next?

  • malg

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  • wakra

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  • Micdnero

    Let’s just call her… “Queen P”?!!

  • Lord Devious

    ^^^Oy vey…

  • mhnbezzie7

    no u r not my nigga lol…

  • whatsgoooood!

    yes that is a pussy shot

  • Vetersi

    her turn down of the Mayor job is a sigh of relief. all us members are all exausted from the last big campaign and election of last year. Now that we know the announcement was just for shits and giggles we can relax