This Is 50 did a pretty cool interview with J. Cole speaking on a bevy of topics from childhood cyphers, playing basketball, having a bachelors degree, being featured on Blueprint 3, fashion, etc.  However the best part was when this bum @ss rapper just rolled up to him and forced himself into the interview starting at about 4:30.  It just summarizes some of the bullsh*t you have to deal with in this industry.



  • Butter b

    so if i see an artist or a label person and i got my cd on me i dont give them 1…..what the fuck what i gotta do set up a meeting. FOOLS BE FORGETTIN WHERE THEY CAME FROM LIKE THEY AINT NEVER HAD TO DO THAT B4….CRAZY

  • iHipHop Sam

    I mean there is the right way and the wrong way to do that. I would suggest that at the very least you wait for the artist TO FINISH the interview they are in the middle off before you try to force yourself on them.

  • Rgerm01

    Business card w/ the Cd after the interview would've been more appropriate. At least he aint run up on he spittin a freestyle.