By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      We really don’t know the qualifications of Dr. Ben Chavis (of the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network) to run a publicly traded company, but someone has put their trust in him. H3 Enterprises, the company responsible for the upcoming HipHopSodaShops and Ben Gordon’s energy drink, BG7 White Tea Energy Blast, announced that they have named Dr. Chavis CEO of the company.

      "H3 and the development of HipHopSodaShops will be the culmination of what I hope will be remembered as a lifetime of service to the betterment of our communities," Chavis said in a statement. "I feel truly blessed to be given the opportunity to create concrete avenues for equal access and economic empowerment for all of our youth and for generations to come. My vision for H3 is to lead the company forward to become the most profitable, community conscious brand in the world. We will utilize the magnificent talents of some of our greatest athletes, artists, and entertainers to fulfill the economic aspirations of the Hip-Hop Generation. We will educate our youth about the benefits and power of investment and ownership, and about the tremendous economic opportunities that lie ahead for all of us."

      H3 Enterprises is currently building its first HipHopSodaShop in St. Petersburg, Florida (check for info here HIP HOP SODA SHOP  and is test marketing Ben Gordon’s energy drink. For more info on the company, check out H3 INC.