So I went on a whole diatribe about how Soulja Boy thinks he is a tough guy these days.  Then I saw these pics.  A couple of things came to mind.

1) If a guy who thinks he is tough and has face tattoos steals a girl from another rapper with face tattoos, does that make him tough in reality by default?

2) Not mad at Diamond.  It’s well documented that Soulja likes to trick, and based on some very public past instances it looks like homegirl needs the money.  Soulja Boy’s money > Lil Scrappy’s.

3) Not mad at Soulja.  Definitely a come up after the pre-mentioned Kat Stacks incident.  I wouldn’t bang Kat Stacks, but I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t bang Diamond.  I would, and I wouldn’t even think about another girl while I was doing it.

4) Can we get a tear check on Lil Scrappy’s pillow case?  Dude might have cried himself to sleep last night.  Off all the rappers to lose your girl to…Soulja Boy.  I bet all he is thinking about right now is Mr. Boy supermaning on his hoe.

According to Freddy Yo:

I was sitting backstage chilling with the celebs, I happen to see four big security guards making their way to our lobby so I new someone major was about to walk in the building, and I was right it was Soulja of course but unbeknownst to me would I find out who was there to accompany him as he walked in all hugged up on his new boo! The beautiful ATL Peach Ms. Diamond formerly of “Crime Mob” looking extra clean and smelling like new money.

I was taken aback for a second because it caught me off guard, but as I began to gather my thoughts I went over to my homies to get the 411. The two look very happy and I can tell my homegirl Diamond had been shopping and spending lots of money .(did yall see them Louboutins shoe’s) Soulja did not hold back when it came to showing his affection for Diamond as he hugged her, I guess he wants the world to know who makes his heart smile.