|  November 7, 2008

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But obviously Khia Does. This is what home girl had to say about the pic I posted of Diddy and his lil girls in the Italian Vogue the other week…remember this is advice Diddy needs to hear from such a perfect example of someone who oozes class and style

P-Diddy what the hell is really going on???? Where the hell is Kim Porter and your Lil Kim looking ass MAMMIE???

I know Janice Combs didn’t appove this shit here!!!!!!!! Now….The Hood already knew that you had a little SUGA in your TANK and that you FUCKED FARNSWORTH and that’s why you never married Kim and you STOLE Danity Kane’s Money…. But a PEDIFILE?????? You gotta clear this one up for me Diddy!!!!!! Why is the HOOD calling you a PEDIFILE????? Is it because you really got a THANG for BOYS?????? Or is because you have pictures of you and your little girls butt-ass naked with Chippendale Bow-ties around their small ass NECKS??? This look like some Michael Jackson bullshit…

Is this what money make you do??? Exploit your own children??? Supa Throat said Dat…
I know Kim didn’t approve this!!!!! Aint no amount of money in the WORLD that will make me EXPLOIT my own children!!!!! You shoulda called The Queen for advice on this one!!!! Somebody in your CAMP shoulda told you… That’s not a good look!. So since they slippin……. I‘m here to tell ya!!!!!!!!! Nigga you aint shit!!!!!!!! Nasty, Freaky, Tired Son Of A Bitch….. Take them pictures down and call and stop all the press and print publications IMMEDIATELY…… You look like Heffner the ultimate P-I-M-P and the babies are “The Girls Next Door”!!!!!!!! NO DEAL!!!!! What are you promoting?????? Baby PORN????? And since we talkin bout HEFF…..HEFF… When is you gonna have a Nappy-Headed whore on the cover of Playboy Magazine???????? White Boys love CHOCOLATE too….. Call the Queen!!!!!! Heyyyyy Datwon Thomas……I got your call……. Im still waiting on you….. Imma be nice… I promise!!! LMAO!!!!!!! But that shit aint even FUNNY!!! Diddy…. While you talkin bout Aubrey being in a cold and lonely place…. Bitch, You can’t FIRE ME…….. You gone be in a COLD, DARK and LONELY Place when SHINE comes HOME…… Spring ‘09!!!! Yessssssssss!!!

Keeping it real as only a ‘Queen’ would

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    I love this crazy bitch man!!!!!

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    she look iigh