So yesterday’s awesome story about the guy who tried to get blunted on the subway just got better.   What do you do when a chick starts complaining about the blunt you just lit on the subway?  You obviously stab her with a pen.  According to the NY Post:

Manhattan prosecutors yesterday released the alleged confession of a homeless man accused of stabbing a woman in the head with his pen after she told him to stop smoking pot on a subway train.
“I was just trying to light my blunt, and the bitch wouldn’t leave me alone,” cops say Coroberto Cordero, 35, told them. “So I hit her.”
Cordero allegedly drew his “weapon” against Evelyn Seeger, 45, of Nutley, NJ, aboard a southbound No. 2 train near Chambers Street Tuesday morning. Seeger needed four stitches in her scalp to close the wound.