Some of my fellow white people are so f*cking awkward when it comes to interacting with rappers.  Just watch this dickhead ESPN anchor try to be cool with Cube.  First off he quotes “today, was a good day” and then after Cube goes in on last nights officiating of the NBA finals (rightly so) the dude informs Cube that “I’m with it”.  I just thought it was funny.  Rappers- 1  Middle Aged White People- 0.  Cube actually has some super on point things to say in regards to sports.



  • Matt

    Where's the awkwardness?????? This is dumb.

  • Methods0024

    Rappers- 1 White People- 1 Ihiphop- 0 this site is going to shit, the white guy was paying respect to a great song, plus he's just talking like a sports announcer, go fucking write a real article!

  • iHipHopSam

    Hey Methods,
    Did you read my story, watch the video, and then comment on said story? Me-1 You-0

  • Rich Edmonds

    fail. no awkwardness this website is such a fail now.

  • lord_devious

    Oh shit, Sam isn't white? lol