Ice Cube Needs To Fall Back…

 |  April 26, 2010

One problem I have with me being a yung’n in this little game we call hip-hop is when I start talking slick about old timers.  People start calling me ignorant, or tell me to I need to get up on my history.  The fact is a lot of older rappers who I have tremendous amounts of respect for aren’t making good music.  When I state facts people start looking at me sideways.  Well for those who haven’t noticed there have been some Old West vs New West tensions as of late.  The new westers have accused older rappers of not showing love/cock blocking.  The old westers have rebutted saying that no one can put you on but yourself.  I think both sides have some points.

This is all relevant because one of the most vocal west coast OG’s has been Ice Cube.  Talking a lot of sh*t about how these new west coast artists are whack.  Fair enough.  Then today his single “I Rep The West” drops.  Really?  This is the best the so called voice of the west coast has to offer?  Is this bad? No.  Is it a west coast anthem?  Definitely not.

Basically my point is that Cube needs to keep the commentary to himself and stick to making terrible seuqels to Vin Diesel movies.  If I feel like listening to some west coast music in 2010 I’ll throw on some Nipsey Hu$$le, Dom Kennedy, Skeme or Pac Div.  That being said I have a tremendous amount of respect for Cube’s contributions to hip-hop.  These rappers just need to take pointers from those classic rock guys and just tour on the hits/classic material.  Who’s asking the Rolling Stones for new music?

Edit: Pac Div rolls through later in the day to help prove my point.


“I Rep The West”



  • conflicted21

    As much as I want to disagree, I cant…!!! This isnt “No Vaseline” Ice Cube and that will never happen again… This is the thing… Most young artists, from all over, are making wack music but its not for the older heads… its for the young ones…!!! The problem is Ego… Snoop hasnt been hard since “Doggystyle” and “Murder Was The Case” yet he keeps putting out albums… why…??? cause people my age might actually like it… I dont but someone does…!!! If the older dudes stick with what got them there then you would have a audience, which is better than the BS audience you are trying to reach… Cause they werent even born when you were rippin it down so they will never understand…!!!

  • ihiphopsam

    I actually think Snoop is the exception to the rule. He still makes fire music and his best album, Rhythm & Gangsta: The Masterpiece, was dropped in the middle of his career.

  • conflicted21

    Snnop is Wack… sorry… maybe its because hes 40 and still sayin “cuzz”…

  • lord_devious

    Ungh…this nigga Cube is about to come out with some dope shit (DRINK THE KOOL AIDE) and look who is on ihiphop spouting off dumb shit but fucking PERSPECTIVE. Nigga you have about as much “hip hop” in you as Toby Keith. All fags like you want to do is rock tight ass jeans and listen to whoever is the NEWEST artist instead of whoever is making dope music. Stop “sucking off” younger MCs just because they're young as though you're one of the Desperate Housewives. I am not saying that the artist you mentioned are complete garbage ( Nipsey Hu$$le, Dom Kennedy, Skeme or Pac Div) but they aint Cube. You usually endorse to the worst fucking musci out anyways… Perspective: STFU!


    Sam!!!….Uppercut yourself Fool!!!…Cube still schools these new fools anyday of the week!!!…Check yo self before you wreck yo self!!! all by yourself!!!