iHipHip Exclusive Interview: Johnny Polygon Discusses Having “The Worst Tattoo” Ever, Efficient Video Vixens & Homo Erotic Underground Hip-Hop Shows

Written by Sam

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 at 1:38 pm
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So I linked up with Johnny Polygon at the Thompson LES for some shots of tequila and witty banter.  This interview was really all over the place.  Johnny speaks on the meth induced Christian b*thces that run Oklahoma to having very efficient video hoes for “The Riot Song“.  He shows off “the worst tattoo ever”, and declares that the purpose of Rebel Without Applause was to get “income coming in, and some panties going down”.  Finally he addresses his priorities as far as designer jeans vs weed go, and how hopefully Kid Cudi’s career will get to where it needs to go after people hear him on Johnny’s sh*t.  Check it out.  Johnny is pretty funny.


Who Is Johnny Polygon? What’s Up With Oklahoma? Speaks On Rebel Without Applause from iHipHop on Vimeo.


Johnny Polygon On “The Worst Tattoo Ever” & Efficient Videos Hoes from iHipHop on Vimeo.


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