iHipHop Exclusive Interview: Dee-1 Talks Signing to RCA, His Mom’s Reaction to Becoming a Rapper, Going to College & More

Written by Serge Fleury

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 at 3:28 pm
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There’s no question that Hip-Hop artists have an extremely strong influence on the youth. Only problem is that not every child from the inner city is going to be able to make their dream come true; of following in the footsteps of their favorite act. That’s where the almighty backup plan of education comes into play.

You know? The thing that your parents preached to you ever since you first learned how to spell your name. Obtaining a college degree has always been an important part to leading a successful life, far more important than chasing unattainable musical dreams— right? Well, enter the world of Dee-1.
This Louisiana native is living the best of both worlds, from being an LSU Graduate, to signing with RCA Records. After a short stint as math teacher, he released projects such as It’s Only Tha Beginning, I Hope They Hear Me Now Vol. 2Still We Rise, and I Am Who I Am. His current project, Psalms Of David Vol. 2 made a splash on the Internet a few weeks back, and he’s currently on the Tetsuo & Youth Preview Tour where Lupe Fiasco serves as the headliner.

Dee-1 made a pit stop in chilly New York, where we were able to catch up with him, and talk about his education, being a XXL Freshman nominee, and everything in between. Always remember: Knowledge is key.

Footage shot by Marvin Harris.


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