About 6 months ago I heard that Tommy Hilfiger’s son Rich Hil was trying to rap.  My immediate reaction was that he could go s*ck a bag of d*cks and be a spoiled rich kid.  However as much as I have a reputation as being a hater, I saw something.  It was originality.  Time went on.  He dropped dope mixtape after dope mixtape, and it was a rap.  I became a fan of the kid who I resented merely for his upbringing.  However, now it’s to the point where it’s more than fandom.  I just think he is making some of the best music that is coming out right now, period!  Get familiar and check him out below.

Sidebar: Also check my article slightly inspired by Rich on how hip-hop blogs don’t break artists anymore.



  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Foster-C-Garvin/1188236078 Foster C. Garvin

    Are you serious? This dude is garbage. I became uncomfortable while watching his video because he is so bad. In this day, wi@@ers are not cool. He's the worst sort of embodiment of that. Go away, young man.

  • Foster C Dickhead

    Fukin idiot.. have you even listened to his music? btw a WIGGER is a white guy trying to be black, which Hil is not doing at all. Goddamn moron you go away

  • Smokn420live420

    LOL. While i agree with your opinion I must disagree with your delivery. Also, in the era we live in we must get beyond white and black and anything in between, when will people wake up and realize racial divison (on any level) is primative. Wake up people…

  • Jae WIllz

    If you've been smoking as long as I've been smoking you will understand that race has nothing to do with anything in life to the people who live freely in their own world. To the people who live their own life the only thing that matters is their and the people around them's happiness. When you listen to Rich HIl's music you will hear his passion for this craft. He mixes singing with rap in a way nobody has before and his message is always a powerful message or story. I'm tired of seeing hate comments! If you were comfortable with your own life you will have enough respect for yourself to respect someone else. There's a reason they call him Rich Hil The Legend. He is an innovator of an incredible sound that will definitely impact the future. [HAD TO BE SAID]

  • Blastervi