iHipHop Distribution recently had the chance to sit down and chop it up with Jersey’s own, GDP, who contributed the track “Nicoles and Dimes” to A3C Volume 3. In this exclusive interview, GDP discusses what it means to be a part of A3C Volume 3, whether or not the Internet has helped or hurt the rap game, getting compared to other white rappers, the stigma surrounding New Jersey rappers, his craziest experience in the rap game and more.

A3C Volume 3 is in stores now via A3C / iHipHop Distribution.

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  • Britanny

    I want to hear more songs from this guy.

  • Braille

    Interesting! Definitely worth the watch!

  • mike

    Dude’s the man, if you ever get a chance to see him and his crew rock a basement show in jersey, i promise it will be worth it….. also shout out to the fact that the only two other comments below me are girls…Getting Dope Pussy is what the initials stand for i heard

  • Becka Mae

    it stands for grand daddy purp……and yeah his basement shows are the best shout out meatlocker!!!!!!!!

  • SoManyArms

    It really stands for Girls Don’t Poop, however G always plays around with the initials.

  • Sparrow

    it stands for Girls Don’t Poop, which is pretty much a metaphor for blissful ignorance. he said it himself