It gives me great pride to present you the worldwide premier of the new video “I Hate My Job” from the boy Cam’ron on iHipHop.  Off of Crime Pays coming soon to a store near you.  Shit is looking to be pretty epic.  Need proof?  Scope “Bottom Of The Pussy Hole” and “Oh No You Didn’t” also from the album.  Straight hilarity.  He gets his grown man on in this video though.




  • partypeeps

    hell yeah! might be a huge record from cam’ron.

  • puppetmaster

    this stuff is dumb real.

  • dppz16


  • Drellguy

    cam still da man but need to up the size of the blunt DipSet AllDay

  • Oigen

    whooo ha, that shit is the greatest, man! I love this guy and I love his music!

  • Cmahdi

    I rate this PG for PURE GARBAGE!!!!

  • MishaBee

    click play it doesnt autoplay

  • KayBreezie

    Can you make the songs available for download?

  • kostco

    ok listen to the new joint by cam. aaaaaahhhhh like that right there. came with some shit to make people think about. at first he had me mad with the loony patoony rap he was saying. see he came on point this time around. thats what it is. keep it up my dude.


  • Mr.WorkHarder

    Decent shit

  • Da-Joker

    dis shit hot right here…DipSet in dis bitch.

  • hipandhopGal

    whoa! wicked… darn!

  • BurnMe

    Don’t like the song much; but, I like the title..”I Hate My Job”…who doesn’t??!#. But yeah, this song is a winner!

  • coffee please

    His music is thumping hot! Keep it up! It was a drag at first but the entire record was f*ck*ing great!

  • j.cai

    cool shit! not the greatest…but i like the vibe.

  • bbutton

    Dope song!!!

  • roro1

    Killa the don keepin it real for the black man in the struggle. “you can have the swagger im keep it real”