Illus Gets In The Paint

 |  May 26, 2010

Adam ‘Illus Wallenta is an artist, writer, musician and all around creative guy.  I met him at a J.J Brown album release party at SOB’s.

He’s a sick illustrator. You can find his work at American Mule Entertainment which is his company.

He’s also published the official Public Enemy comic book and soundtrack.  It’s a bi-monthly comic book series S1W, James Bomb, Adam “Illus” Wallenta and Chuck D.

I saw his art featured in several videos- went to his site- loved the work and thought it would be mad cool to do something special for IHipHop so here it is.  Enjoy!



  • skeep

    Love the art and music. Great interview.

  • Joseph Stegner

    Truly enjoyed it. I laughed in appreciation throughout it, thinking how fun it is to see the same creative spirit in the family three thousand miles away. Keep it up.

  • Alex Hernandez

    Nice bro love the live art and definatley feeling the rhymes as always stay creative and innovative ohh yea Im feeling the MPC lol

  • Menace

    GREAT video. I enjoyed this – especially the live art joint. Very cool stuff indeed

  • Will

    I heard the album and I feel really good right now…you can too…get it.

  • Conor Dunphy

    Awesome. Outdoor Hip-Hop painting video is grande.

  • Conor Dunphy

    Awesome. Outdoor Hip-Hop painting video is grande.

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  • Theoneandonlyofcourse

    This is AWESOME. Can't wait to get his new cd. Thanks for posting this. Never heard of Illus until now. Wish the interview was a bit longer so we could get to know him more.