In the BK Corner

 |  January 11, 2007

By: Hot Gossip Gal
      The gossip blogs are starting to heat up and the rumor that has wires melting is that Jay Z actually beats up his hottest chick in the game. I find this so hard to believe. For one Tina and Matty are toooooo involved in their offspring’s life to let this go down and remember Beyonce is that bootylicious independent woman. But here is the so called e mail they received at I am sure this will be a major topic of discussion, well its authenticity will be anyway.
      "I wanted to bring this to because I know how you all like to put stuff out no matter what it is. So I felt that I should expose Jay for the ugly [EXPLETIVE] he is.

      Seems that for a while he’s had a problem with keeping his hands to himself. Now I’ve never seen him just flat out strike Bee, but too many times have I seem him shove and push her.

      At first I thought that it was just a little horse play thing between the two – but once I saw how embarrassed Bee was to be man-handled in the front of me in St. Tropez – I realized that it was no joke.

      I’ve been [Beyonce’s assistant] and friend for a while now and I’ve always wanted to say something but I never felt it was my place. He treats Beyonce like she’s an object and not a person. The [EXPLETIVE] should be happy that a beautiful woman finally wants and loves his ugly [EXPLETIVE] for more than just what’s in his pockets."

  • sexy lyn 1

    hatas..and even if this is true, she a grown ass woman…..but on another note that would be ashame cause im not with woman beating at hopefully this is nothing but hate in mutha fuckas blood

  • Tima

    I would believe this still but who knows. Damn girl I hope you were not puttin up with dat. We all love the Hood niggaz but damn girl not one who put his couchee hand on your beatifull skin. Hope this is not true. I respect both ya’ll.