In the Dogg House

 |  November 16, 2006

By:Hot Gossip Gal

English super soccer player David Beckham has been grounded by his wife, ex Spice Girl Victoria for wanting to go hang out with perhaps the most notorious player of a different sport, Snoop Dogg. The two ‘players’ met after the Live 8 concert last year  "I wanted to hang out with David because I’m a fan of his and he’s a fan of mine. But his wife didn’t like that and she wouldn’t let him party with me," said Snoop. Well obviously last years media frenzy of David being involved with his PA has Posh Spice on her guard and to be honest now, would you in her situation want Snoop to be your mans best friend for a day or two? Probably not. But big shout out though to Snoop who in true West Coast style kicked it on stage at the First BET Hip-Hop Awards.

  • Tesori

    I don’t blame her. Ain’t no tellin what he might get into hangin with Snoop. And as fine as he is I would keep him on a short leash too!!!!