Label name: Hard Boiled


Founded (Date): 2002


Founders: Charles Tremblay & Kevin Shand


Backstory (What’s the story behind the launch of the label? How was it launched? Why was it launched?):


Hard Boiled was founded in 2002 at the end of an era by two innovative refugees from Rawkus Records. Their combined experience had shown them the basic pitfalls that await the majority of independent labels and this knowledge gave them a huge advantage when founding and operating the label. Hard Boiled has quickly grown from a mixtape-centric anomoly into a hip hop powerhouse with releases from: MF Doom, Nicolay, Kev Brown, Gridlock Fam, Da Beatminerz, and more.


Greatest Achievements (What are the label’s proudest moments? Going platinum? Releasing a classic? Signing a legend?):


We’re proud of every single one of our releases that hits the shelves.


Current and Future projects (What current projects are you pushing and what’s planned for the next year?):


We have a mixtape project and album in development with Da Beatminerz in addition to working on Nicolay’s “Dutch Masters 2.  MF Doom has been cooking up something special for us in the lab as well so stay tuned for that.  We’re also about halfway through the debut album from Gridlock Fam that is being entirely produced by Nicolay.


Goals and Purpose (What kind of impact are you hoping to make on the industry? What goals do you have for the label?):


                Hard Boiled aspires to artistic and organizational excellence.


Within the Game (How does the label fit within the current climate of hip-hop? Or does it even fit in at all? What’s the label’s personality in relation to the rest of hip-hop?):


We’ll leave that question for ya’ll to figure out…