This is a little bit more of a story to me since I’m from Massachusetts.  Whitey Bulger was the head of the Irish mafia in Boston, and the movie The Departed was loosely based on his life.  The thing that was super shady about Whitey’s whole operation was that he was pretty much snitching on the Italian mob throughout his whole reign, and the FBI illegally allowed him to continue to commit crimes with impunity.  I highly recommend that you check out this book All Souls.  It is pretty much about Whitey’s effect on the community of South Boston.

This guy evaded the federal government for 16 years.



  • Crypto

    “The Departed was loosely based on his life”

    The departed came from a movie called infernal affairs. Most of the events from the departed are a complete rip off from that movie. I understand you are only summarizing what the media corps have said.

  • iHipHop Sam

    You are right, but it was the Boston version of Internal Affairs loosely based on Whitey's life and crimes.