|  September 12, 2008







The WWW is live with rumors that Young Buck is trying to sell off his jewelry to cover IRS bills that could find the Cashville rapper declaring bankruptcy. Anyhow turns out that yes chains that once belonged to Buck have been placed for sale on EBay however they had already been ceased by the IRS and then sold in auction in late June.

A source implied that whoever bought the chains at the auction which took place in Florida was actually making a mockery of Buck by selling them on the web. “That’s some low life move right there, they should have had that shit melted down instead of dis-respecting a dude who has hit hard times.” Hmmmm ok then. Apparently cars belonging to Buck were also seized by the IRS too.

  • groovin

    fuck what yall talking about, ain’t nobody took nothing from my nigga! yall muthafucka’s keep making like my nigga doing bad out this bitch!!! my nigga is good, and oh, yall ain’t talking about that big check he just got, BITCH!!!!